Beauty on a budget

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There is no shame in opting for the lower priced makeup brands such as Rimmel or Milani for your lipsticks, powders and eyeshadows. Carry out some research before committing to the higher end goodies you’ve got your eye on, there are some pretty reputable ones out there! The usage of your dupe could be a good tell-tale to whether breaking the bank for the real deal will be worth it.

Have a treat, off-peak! 

Go on, treat yourself. You don’t have to scrimp and save in order to treat yourself to that day at the spa. Trawl cheap deal websites like Groupon to bag a bargain or if you have a magazine subscription, look out monthly deals. Many spas offer off-peak rates or two treatments for the price of one, you may even find that many five-star spas throw in beach access as well as the use of the pool.


I don’t mean getting your hands dirty building sheds and painting fences (although, that would be a good excuse for a manicure…). Rose water is one of the best toners for your skin – it’s suitable for all skin types and is known for its rebalancing and tightening properties. Instead of splurging on the ready made branded bottles, why not make your own at home by boiling two packed cups of rose petals with distilled water for about 45 minutes. Once cool, strain the water using a muslin cloth and pop it into a sterilized bottle and you are good to go.

Spend to save

Next time you go to your local Superdrug or Boots, pick up a free points card. These bad boys mean that by buying your everyday face wipes and shampoo, you’ll be gaining points to help towards your next mascara. Even some of the more up-market shops do them, my Space.NK card helps take away some of the guilt after a spurge, knowing I will be saving on my next purchase.


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